I’m furiously passionate about capturing the perfect image

Frank Haeussler – Nature, Landscape, Underwater, Astro Photographer Born in the beautiful Black Forest region of Germany, Frank came to the USA in 1997. Since then he has lived in several different regions of the United States before arriving at his final destination, Charleston, South Carolina. Frank’s first love is the art of photography, even though his background is in engineering. To hold a camera has always been Frank’s passion. What started as his first love developed over the years to more and more creativity, evolving his skills and mastery. Frank’s obsession with perfection and his ability to capture that magic moment in time where the mind, eye and heart are aligned will become your obsession with his work. Frank loves a challenge to his photographic skills! In Frank’s words,” .nothing is impossible when you are willing to take on the challenge to its fullest potential”. From crocodiles in Mexico, to underwater shark photo shoots, to the most important events in one’s life, Frank, with his genius, honesty and intuitive skills of understanding his subject matter in front of the lens, captures his subjects in their “true” light in that “once in a lifetime” moment. Frank builds long lasting relationships with his clients based on trust, honesty and openness of communication. Frank believes in getting to know the people he works with to build a relationship with them, stating that this is the most important part to capture the true person in front of a camera. Frank is also noted for his commercial work. Frank’s skill aids small businesses to capture (in digital) the essence of their product or idea, which is then used in promotional items on websites, ad campaigns and social media.

To me, photography is the simultaneous recognition,
in a fraction of a second,
of the significance of an event.

– Henri Cartier-Bresson